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Marriage and Family Counseling COUN 6361 Handouts

These slideshows cannot be downloaded. If you want them as powerpoint files, that you can download, please go to the Course Resources link on Blackboard. You can also find recorded presentations by me on each of the power points.

Please note that the audio presentations that accompany the powerpoints can be found in the Course Resources on Blackboard.

Powerpoint Review of Chapters 1-3 of Family Therapy

Powerpoint Review of Chapter 4 Bowen

Differentiation Scale (Chapter 4)

Differentiation Scale Means (Chapter 4)

Powerpoint Review of Chapter 5 Strategic

Powerpoint Review of Chapter 6 Structural

Powerpoint Review of Chapter 7 Experiential

Powerpoint Review of Chapter 8 Psychodynamic

Powerpoint Review of Chapter 9 Cognitive Behavioral

Powerpoint Review of Chapters 11-12 Post-Modern Schools

Eclectic Marital Intake Session

Dr. Sparrow's Dos and Don'ts for Family Therapy

Working Creatively with Triangles

The Power of Triangles in Human Relationships

Marital Therapy Concepts

Resolving Affairs in Marriage Relationships

Psychodynamic Aspects of Marital Therapy

The Seminal Confrontation:
A Process of Healing Early Wounds

Last Lecture: What You Need to Remember

Diagram Referred to in the Last Lecture